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Cast Bronze "Robur" Lamp by Claudio Gonzalez

Cast Bronze "Robur" Lamp by Claudio Gonzalez

Limited Edition Cast Bronze "Robur" lamp with patinated finish by Claudio Gonzalez.


For the curious mind, Nature always offers an endless source of inspiration. From textures, patterns and geometric forms to vibrant colors in any imaginable hue. As in a ready-made piece by Duchamp, Nature offers artists the possibility to take forms already existing in nature and bring them to the attention of an audience. That is my aim in my Nature Collection of table lamps and sconces.

Once I discover an interesting texture and shape in nature, I imagine them in a geometric and functional form. After that, using the lost-wax process, these shapes are cast in bronze, and then patinated to reflect or not their original natural color. The Robur table lamp and Bamboo sconces and lamps are the result of these observations and process.

As in my Molene and Brutalist Collection, I choose textures and forms that make the viewer discover new and interesting details about the works. The geometry in my designs is always direct, the details are for the curious minds.

Creator: Claudio Gonzalez

Origin: France

Circa: Contemporary

Dimensions: 27" high , 5" diameter

Materials: bronze

Capacity: 1 x E26 [100W max per socket]

Item Number: CUS-082521-451

Quantity: 1

Product Type: Custom

Category: Lighting, Table Lamps