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Fractured ice surround mirror by Jiri Jelinek

Fractured ice surround mirror by Jiri Jelinek

Circular mirror with hand-carved, fractured ice-inspired surround by Jiri Jelinek. Available in custom sizes. Stand not included.

Jiri Jelinek (b. 1967, Czechoslovakia) graduated with a degree in traditional Czech glass-making techniques and has over 40 years experience, having worked with renowned glass artists such Ivo Rozsypal, Rene Roubicek, Pavel Hlava and Vladimir Prochazka, among others.

Jiri specializes in various cold work techniques and hand polishing to create his own unique sculptures and designs. His craft also can be seen in many commissions and restoration projects, having partnered extensively with prominent NYC based glassblowers and designers over the past 20 years.

Creator: Jiri Jelinek

Origin: United States

Circa: 2000s

Dimensions: 0.25" deep , 13" diameter

Materials: mirror

Item Number: CUS-110521-526

Quantity: 1

Product Type: Custom

Category: Mirrors, Mirrors